huanghai special vehicles-欧洲杯决赛预测

features of refrigerated van
the plate of the cargo compartment is three layered. the two surface layers are thickened glass steel plate with high strength and corrosion resistance and good surface texture, and the middle layer is hard insulating polyurethane foam board with high compressive strength and good heat preservation performance. three layers are glued together with unsaturated resin adhesive. the foam plates are reinforced by glass mat in the middle and two surfaces.
cargo compartment plates are connected with built-in high-strength bolts and glued with high-strength two-component polyurethane structural adhesive to ensure the overall structural strength of the cargo compartment. the joint seams inside the cargo compartment and on the top of the compartment are sealed with polyurethane sealant to prevent water leakage and ensure good air tightness of the cargo compartment. in addition, the aluminum arc-shaped lower skirt of the cargo compartment gives a strong sense of texture and beauty, and the luxurious stainless steel door frame and lock hardware are both durable and environment-friendly.
the cargo compartment of the vehicle features in light weight, high strength, strong corrosion resistance and heat insulation.
the auxiliary beam is made of high-strength steel plate (for auto beams) which is lightweight processed to be lighter in weight but stronger in strength. in addition, accessories (such as step ladder, toolbox, etc.)
and special compartment structures (such as meat hooks, etc.) are optional for installation.
common refrigerated vans
refrigerated vans are developed through installing imported or domestic refrigeration units on various insulated cargo compartments, making them suitable for low-temperature transport of goods.
the cargo compartment has good sealing and thermal insulation performance.
frp box body adopts large plate hot pressing and large plate assembly process, which has excellent overall strength, flat and corrosion-resistant panel surface. hot pressing and assembling technologies are adopted to frp plates ( the material of the cargo compartment) to ensure the compartment an excellent overall strength and smooth surfaces with strong corrosion resistance performance.
refrigerated van with aluminum meet hook slide
rotary hook slide can be installed to make the hanging of the meat easier.
π-shaped ventilation plates of the side walls and ventilation bottom plates make sure that the goods are fully exposed to the circulating cold air conditioning.
braces and cargo groove (or cargo belt) are used together to fix the goods well.
double-compartment and double-temperature refrigerated vans
this type of refrigerated van can well meet the requirements of different temperatures and loading spaces, making the logistics distribution more convenient and economic.
drug / vaccine carrier
dual-purpose (refrigerating and heating) unit; all-the-way temperature monitoring with the temperature recorder; inside walls of the compartment covered with food-sanitary grade stainless steel.