huanghai special vehicles-欧洲杯决赛预测

three types of spreader (type a, type b and type c) are optional for installation. with the type a or type b spreaders installed, rear overhang: 2780mm, total vehicle length: 10085mm, total vehicle height:3490mm; with the type c spreader installed, rear overhang: 2600mm, total vehicle length: 9905mm, total vehicle height: 3150mm; front snow shovel and center snow roller brush are optional for installation; with front snow shovel (required during snow cleaning operation) installed, front overhang: 2000mm; with front snow shovel and type a / type b spreader installed, total vehicle length:12085mm; with front snow shovel and type c spreader installed, total vehicle length: 11905mm; side protection: q235a, bolt connection; rear protection: q235a, bolt connection, section size: 120mm x 50mm, ground clearance: 415mm; abs model: 4460046300; abs manufacturer: wabco vehicle control systems (china) co., ltd.; equipped with a satellite positioning driving recorder.
name dd5251tcxze snowplow
size: l x w x h(mm) 12085,11905,10085,9905x2496x3490,3150
cargo compartment dimension(mm) -
g.v.w.(kg)(kg) 25000
curb mass(kg) 15100
rated loadkg) 9770
wheel base(mm) 4125 1350
number of axles 3
abs have
approaching angle/ departure angle 15/9
front & rear overhang(mm) 1830/2780,1830/2600
maximum speed(km/h) 82
tire number 10
the specification of tires 12.00r2016pr,11.00r20,12.00-2018pr,11.00-20
front track 2022,2041
rear track 1830/1830
oil consumption rate(l/100km) -
emission standard gb17691-2005 guo v .gb3847-2005