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user agreement

last modified: 14 december, 2020

welcome to the official website of shuguang auto (hereinafter referred to as "we/us") and thank you for your attention and purchase of sg vehicle!


(1)the ownership and operating right of this website belongs to liaoning shuguang automotive group co., ltd.

(2)before your registration, please read this agreement carefully first. once your registration is successful, a formal contract relationship based on this agreement will be automatically established between you and sg. therefore, you have to agree to all the terms of this agreement and complete all registration process to be a formal registered user of this website.

(3)sg reserves the right to modify any terms of this agreement without bearing the obligation to inform you of such modifications. all the notice, announcement, statement or other similar content on this website is a part of this agreement.

2、service content

(1)the specific contents on this website is provided based on related actual situations.

(2)this website only provides relevant web services. the resultant equipment (such as personal computers, mobile phones, and other devices related to internet access) and expenses (such as mobile-phone/telephone and internet fees for internet access) shall be borne by yourself.

(3)sg reserves the right to stop providing you with the network services if any information you provide is incorrect.

3、your account

(1)you will become a formal user who is qualified to enjoy all specified user’s rights after completing all registration procedures and passing identity authentication on this website. you can only access to part of our services without identity authentication. we reserves the right to change your permissions to the services provided on this website. you may be held accountable for any consequence resulted from any illegal, untrue, inaccurate and incomplete information you provide and, in this case, we reserves the right to stop providing you with the web services.

(2)your registration can only be done with your real mobile phone number. once your account is created, you shall be obligated to safeguard your account and password and fully responsible for any of your lose or damage resulted from the use of your account and password. you should change the password and safeguard it properly and promptly notify us (if necessary) if you find or suspect that your account or password has been compromised. we do not bear any responsibility for the illegal use of you account incurred by hacks or your negligence.

(3)please promptly notify us if you find any illegal use or security vulnerability of your account.

4、service regulations

(1)we provide services on this website in line with relevant laws and regulations of the people's republic of china, including but not limited to the internet and ipr related laws, regulations and implementation measures of regulations of the people’s republic of china for safety protection of computer information systems, regulations for the protection of computer software, interpretation of the supreme people’s court on application of laws when trying dispute cases concerning computer network 欧洲杯足球竞猜 copyright, resolution of the npc standing committee on safeguarding internet security, regulations on the administration of electronic bulletin board services, regulations on the administration of internet news information services, administrative protection of 欧洲杯足球竞猜 copyright on the internet procedures, regulations on the protection of information network transmission right.

(2)you are solely responsible for the contents you publish, upload or transmit on this website. you are prohibited, on any page of this website, from publishing, transferring and transmitting any contents which may:

1、violate basic principles of constitution of p.r.c;
2、compromise national security, betray state secrets, subvert state power and undermine national unity;
3、impair national honor and interests;
4、incite ethnic hatred and discrimination, and undermine ethnic solidarity;
5、break religious policies of the state, or blazon forth evil cults or superstition;
6、disseminate rumors, disturb social order and undermine social stability;
7、disseminate obscenity, eroticism, gambling, violence and terrorism or abet the commission of crimes;
8、insult or defame others, or infringe upon the lawful rights and interests of others;
9、incite illegal assembly, association, procession, protests and gather crowds to disturb social order;
10、related to any activities on behalf of illegal non-governmental organizations;
11、contain any information prohibited by any law and administrative regulation;
12、contain the speeches that incite resistance to or undermining of the implementation of the constitution, laws and administrative regulations, the subversion of state power and overthrowing of socialist system; the secession and undermining of national unity, the ethnic hatred and discrimination and undermining of ethnic solidarity. otherwise, we have the right to delete these contents without informing you.

(3)you shall promise that you are entitled with the complete intellectual property rights or have been legally authorized by relevant right holders for all the contents (works specified in the 欧洲杯足球竞猜 copyright law of the people's republic of china, including but not limited to map data, text, pictures, music, movies, performances, audio and video recordings and computer programs, etc.) you publish or upload on this website. you shall fully compensate all the fees (including but not limited to various indemnities, attorney’s fees and other reasonable expenses for this purpose) incurred from the third party’s legal claims against us because of your violation of the provisions of this article.

(4)you agree that we can delete the related information at our own discretion when any third party thinks that any information you publish or upload on this website infringes its rights and thus sends us the notification of rights according to the regulations on the protection of information network transmission right or other relevant laws. the information thus deleted shall not be re-uploaded automatically unless you submit written evidence to exclude the possibility of the infringement.

(5)we reserves the right to delete all kinds of information that is untrue or in line with relevant laws and policies without notifying you. if you fail to comply with the above provisions, we has the right to (including but not limited to) suspend or close your account based on our independent evaluation. you shall be legally responsible for your speech and behaviors on this website.

5、privacy policy

(1)respecting your privacy is on of our a basic policy and we will take necessary measures to protect your personal information. we guarantee not to disclose or provide your personal information to any third party except for the following situations where:

1、your personal information is or becomes publicly available information;
2、we collect your personal information through legal channels, to which we bear no confidentiality obligation;
3、your personal information comes from any third party who bears no confidentiality obligation to and is legally entitled to disclose the information;
4、your authorization is explicitly granted;
5、the disclosure of your personal information complies with relevant laws and regulations;
6、your personal information is disclosed or provided under the requirements of competent government departments or judicial departments;
7、your personal information is disclosed or provided for safeguarding the interests of the public;
8、your personal information is disclosed or provided for safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of sg and sg’s branches and subsidiaries.


(1)you shall be held solely responsible for any consequences caused by your failure to operate on this website as required in the cases that we already made it clear that our service mode has changed and publicized relevant precautions.

(2)we bear no responsibility for you. you shall be solely responsible for all the risks that come from your explicit agreement to use and thus incurred reliance on the services provided on this website; you shall be held solely responsible for your operation on this website and all the consequences thus incurred.

(3)we do not guarantee to provide the services that can fulfill all your requirements, that will not be interrupted and that will be always timely, secure and accurate.

(4)you are solely responsible (we bear no responsible) for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages (including but not limited to the profit loss and the damages of goodwill, use of services and data or other intangible losses) caused by your use of the services provided on this website.

(5)you are solely responsible for any damage caused by the violation of this agreement or relevant laws, actions or negligence of you, your agents or associates (act as participant).


you are responsible for all the risks come from the use of the services on this website. apart from the implicit warranty of commercial nature, the appropriate and non-violation warranty of specific purpose, we make no warranty (explicit or implicit) of any kind. we make no warranty to provide the services that can meet all your requirements, that will not be interrupted and that will be always timely, secure and accurate.

8、limited liability

we hold no liabilities for any direct, indirect, accidental, special and subsequent damages which may come from improper or illegal use of the services provided on this website, transactions happened on this website, or the changes in information you provide. the above said behaviors may cause the image damages to us, so we proposes the possibility of such damages in advance.

9、information storage and limitation

we are not responsible for the deletion or storage failure of the information you published. we reserve the right to determine whether your operation on the website meets the requirements and principles of the service terms of this website. if your operation violates any of the service article, we has the right to terminate the services for you.

10、user conduct

(1)you are solely responsible for publicizing the contents on the website.

(2)your use of the services provided on this website shall not violate any international, national and local laws applicable to website issues;

(3)you shall abide by the following rules and regulations while using the services provided on this website:

1、the transmission of any technical data from china to other places outside china’s territory must comply with relevant chinese laws and regulations;
2、the services provided on this website shall not be used for illegal purposes;
3、do not interfere with or disturb the services on this website;
4、comply with all network protocols, regulations, procedures and practices for using the services on this website;
5、the investment promotion activities shall conform to the relevant laws and the agreement between both parties;
6、do not transmit any illegal, harassing, slandering, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene and other bad information;
7、do not transmit any information that may abet the commission of crimes, exacerbate domestic adverse situations, contain national security secrets and not conform to international, national and local laws and regulations. on this website, you are prohibited from accessing to other computer systems;
8、if you violate any rule or regulation above mentioned, your account may be immediately canceled on our discretion, and, meanwhile, you shall be held accountable for the consequences caused by such violations.
9、if you disseminate and spread any reactionary, pornographic or other illegal information on this website, related records on this website may be used as the evidence of your violation of laws.

11、protect users

you shall agree to protect and safeguard the interests of all users of this website and compensate for any fees incurred by your violation of this agreement.

12、service termination

(1)we are entitled to interrupt one or more services on this website at any time according to the actual needs and shall not be responsible for such service interruptions for anyone or any third party. if you has any objection to the later modification of the terms of this agreement or are dissatisfied with the service on this website, you may exercise the following rights:

1、stop using the service on this website yourself;
2、inform us of stopping providing services for you.

(2)at the termination of your service, your right to use the services on this website shall be terminated immediately, and you shall no longer have the right and we shall no longer bear the obligation to transmit any unprocessed information or unfinished services to any other user or third party.


all notifications to you, including the modification of service terms, service change, or other important issues, can be sent through website announcements or e-mail or regular letters.

14、advertising content

any information related to publicity, advertisement and investment promotion you published and displayed without any charge on this website shall be only kept between you and relevant merchants, and we bear no responsibility and obligation for such operation and advertisements.

15、claim of ownership

(1)by the network service contents here, we refer to: all contents in texts, software, sound, pictures, videos, charts and advertisements, e-mails and other information we provide for users.

(2)all these contents are protected by the laws applicable to 欧洲杯足球竞猜 copyright, trademark, label and other property ownership.

(3)therefore, you shall only use these contents under our and advertisers’ authorization and you are prohibited from copying, recreating these contents or producing derivative products related to the contents without authorization.

(4)the 欧洲杯足球竞猜 copyrights of all articles on this website are jointly owned by us and the original authors. any forward and reprint of these articles shall be done under the authorization from us or the original authors.

16、law and jurisdiction

(1)all terms of this service agreement shall comply with the legal interpretation of the people's republic of china. therefore, you shall agree with us to be subject to the jurisdiction of the high court, which means in case of any conflict between the terms of this agreement and relevant laws of the people's republic of china, these terms shall be reinterpreted in full accordance with the relevant laws, while the legal effects of other terms shall remain the same.

(2)in case of any dispute arising between us, you may contact us to settle through negotiation.

(3)upon the successful registration on this website, you agrees to sign this agreement and abide by the relevant terms.