huanghai buses-欧洲杯决赛预测

dd6115bev2 electric city bus
10690×2550×3220/3430 appearance (mm)
72/24-48 rated seats
modern and fashionable design of headlamps
the new combination headlamps: the low beam light adopts lens and double high beam configuration , greatly improving the night vision effect.
more recognizable and distinctive design ensures outstanding safety; embedded leo lamps deliver better night vision effect.
upgraded based on the finite element analysis, the full load-bearing frame decreases the weight and saves the energy in a maximum manner without compromising the stiffness and strength. the performance of the coach in the rollover and crash tests is better than that specified in the relevant national standards, and leads the trend in china.
in the aspect of anti-corrosion, the coach adopts the internationally advanced vehicle electrophoresis technology. the international standard electrophoresis tank of the coach is the same as the technological level of foreign automobile enterprises and ensures the coach free from the corrosion or rust during the whole service life.
the ergonomical design fully based on the characteristics of chinese people greatly improves the riding comfort.
the wide and high rear roof gives the coach a more spacious rear space and comfortable riding experience for passengers.
nvh mute technology can reduce the noise to give passengers a comfortable riding.
the air circulation system can circulate all the air within the coach in every 5 minutes, which not only improves the riding comfort but also saves electricity.
with 48 passenger’s seats and the humanized layout of the driver’s compartment in which driving operation can be done in a easy and convenient manner, the driver can drive for a longer time without feeling tired.
considering the characteristics of pure electric vehicles, special attention was paid to the driving operation safety. in order to ensure the safety of the vehicle under any driving conditions, the dual power supply (high-voltage & low-voltage) electric power steering pump is adopted, in which, when one power supply fails, the other one can still work to assist.
it uses the most efficient water-cooled, permanent magnet synchronous motor: the highest efficiency is 94%, and the area with motor efficiency higher than 85% is more than 50%.
the lithium iron phosphate batteries installed in the coach are produced by the manufacturer who has many after-sales stores, perfect service and quick response. lithium iron phosphate battery is safe and reliable, and has high discharge efficiency and long service life. more importantly, it can work normally in different temperature and weather conditions.
dimension(mm) 10690×2550×3220/3430
wheelbase(mm) 5250
approach/departure angle(°) 9/8
seating capacity (person) 72/24-48
max. speed (km/h) 69
g.v.w.(kg) 18000
curb weight (kg) 11300/11000/10700
battery capacity 200.5
motor model wr510-02026
suspension air suspension system
tire 295/80r22.5
optional equipment air conditioner, independent water heating system, public transport service equipment.
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