huanghai buses-欧洲杯决赛预测

dd6110kev4 electric city bus
10840×2500×3430/3580 appearance (mm)
24-52/24-48 rated seats
modeling features
through the cooperation with a well known academy of the arts, the new model was created for the coach which integrates fashionable sci-tech elements to present luxury and generous elegance.
unique v-shaped medal plate decoration and penetrating eagle-eye headlamps.
the body design abandons the traditional non-bearing designing concept of mpb vehicles. instead, it adopts the full load-bearing structure of the highway bus with more complex design process and more sophisticated manufacturing procedures to further improve the strength of the whole vehicle while, at the same time, reduce the total vehicle mass and maximize the effective power output, so as to make the coach environment-friendly and energy-saving. effective protection of passenger’s safety with good passive safety performance and low center of gravity in case of rollover or collision is the biggest advantage of this kind of design.
strong driving force and excellent performance
double high-voltage water-cooled permanent magnet synchronous motors give dd6110kev4 coach a even stronger driving force and higher adaptability to different road conditions. in addition, this type of drive motor also has the advantages of excellent speed acceleration, high energy efficiency, stable performance, high reliability and low running noise. meanwhile, speed deceleration function, which can effectively reduce the wear of brake shoes and be manually removed to prevent the negative influence of the slow speed on the brake safety on slippery road (snow mode), is also available to the drive motor.
battery compartment layout
distribution of the power batteries:
the power batteries are arranged in three layers to guarantee an inner height of about 1930mm. this arrangement maximizes the volume of the luggage compartment. by taking the advantage of the smaller size of pure electric vehicle motor compared with the conventional engines, the wheelbase (5820mm) of the coach is extended to increase the luggage compartment volume. the wheelbase of huanghai pure electric coach is at least 500mm longer than that of other vehicles of the same type. when two-door design option is adopted, two running luggage compartments can be arranged in huanghai coach, while only one running luggage compartment for other vehicles of the same type.

battery pack:lithium iron phosphate (lifepo) battery / catl
battery capacity: 138.24 kwh(576v 240ah)
driving range under test condition (uniform velocity method) ≥250km
sound safety performance and comprehensive safety-guarding measures.
the power batteries inside the pack on the coach are catl lithium iron phosphate batteries with high energy density, whose cycle life and reliability are better than those of other manufacturers’ battery products.
the battery pack has a service life of 8 years, a normal temperature cycle service life of more than 6000 times, and a storage life of more than 15 years;
ip67-level dust and water proof
in - 30 ℃ environment, the temperature of the battery only drops 1 ℃ in every 60 minutes, enabling excellent charging and discharging performance and normal driving in high cold areas.
four power battery combination options are available for you to choose to meet your different driving range requirements, ensuring you an experience of maximum benefit.
electric power steering technology(heps)::
the coach adopts dual power supply (high-voltage & low-voltage) electric power steering system, the first vehicle doing so in china.
driver’s compartment: humanized layout and ergonomical design make the driving easier and comfortable.
passenger’s compartment: multi-angle adjustable high-back luxury aviation seats and wide luggage racks give you a cozy and safe journey.
dimension(mm) 10840×2500×3430/3580
wheelbase(mm) 5820
approach/departure angle(°) 10/10
rated seats 24-52/24-48
max. speed (km/h) 85
battery capacity 138. 24kwh (576v 240ah)
drive motor model jing-jin tz460xsf02
suspension system air suspension system or leaf spring
g.v.w.(kg) 16500
curb weight (kg) 11500/11850
maximum torque(n.m/r/min) 2935
tire 295/80r22.5
normal rated power(kw/r/min) 142
bulletin seats 24-52/24-48
optional specifications conditioner, single door
wheel track(mm) 2085/1860
energy storage system lithium iron phosphate (lifepo) battery / catl
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