huanghai buses-欧洲杯决赛预测

dd6109ev7/ev9/ev10 electric city coach
10490×2482×3100/3250 appearance (mm)
92, 84/20-32 rated seats
huanghai dd6109ev7/ev9 electric city coachadopts "blade" front wall, full load-bearing structure, lightweight design and huanghai self-developed bus chassis. the adoption of the permanent magnet motor, lithium-ion battery and vehicle intelligent thermal management system reflects the concept of energy saving and environmental protection. the separation of passenger’s compartment, battery compartment and control compartment ensures driving safety. long wheelbase and short front & rear overhang structure give the coach a larger interior space and stronger loading capacity. the intelligent remote monitoring system realizes the whole-life-cycle safety management of the coach.
battery packry pack:lithium iron phosphate (lifepo) battery / catl
battery capacity:202.9kwh(ev7)/267kwh(ev9)/303.6kwh and 267kwh(ev10),380km(ev7)/480km(ev9)/560km(ev10)
driving range under test condition (uniform velocity method) ≥2380/480km
dimension(mm) 10490×2500×3430/3580
wheelbase(mm) 6100
approach/departure angle(°) 8/11
rated seats 92, 84/20-32
max. speed (km/h) 69
battery capacity 202.9kwh (ev7)/267kwh (ev9)
303.6 kwh and 267kwh (ev10),
380km(ev7 )/480km ( ev9)/560km (ev10)
motor model lvkon(ev7/ev9) auto ekontrol(ev10)
suspension air suspension system
g.v.w.(kg) 17000
curb weight (kg) 10500/10900
tire 275/70r22.5
optional equipment air conditioner, independent water heating system, public transport service equipment.
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