huanghai buses-欧洲杯决赛预测

dd6109ev5 electric city bus
10490×2482×3100/3250 appearance (mm)
102/96 rated seats
modeling features
“blade” front wall with eagle--eye headlamps repair and replacement of the parts are convenient.
the front wall consists of three parts that can be opened separately, making regular inspection and maintenance easy.
full load-bearing structure. unique lightweight body frame is made of the box-shaped pipes of high-strength steel and the curb weight of the coach is 10350/10700kg (other vehicles of the same type:300-500kg )
there is no side door between the two axles, which not only improves the strength of the car body, but also makes a smoother and more beautiful appearance by using the stretched skin.
the coach adopts long wheelbase (6100mm), short rear overhang and low-entry frame structure.
comparing with 10.5-meter pure electric vehicles with two steps and common wheelbase, the passenger’s standing area of the huanghai coach is 1.6 m2 bigger (close to that of the 12-meter buses), a stronger loading capacity.
separate-compartment design
the three main compartments, the passenger’s compartment, battery compartment and control compartment, are separated from each other. in case of accident, the toxic gas and flame won’t flow into the passenger’s compartment, safeguarding the passengers in a significant way.
according to relevant experiments, in the case of the new energy bus accidents where the batteries are on fire, the toxic gas from the burning batteries often cause more serious harms to the passengers than the accidents themselves. therefore, our separate-compartment design (patent) can minimize the harm to the passengers in case of accidents.
battery compartment layout
easy for install, removal and maintenance of the batteries.:
all power batteries are packed in five unified standard battery boxes, and connectors and inspection pots to batteries are arranged on two side walls, making maintenance and replacement of the batteries much more convenient. the centralized arrangement of batteries saves much space for chassis parts and makes the repair and maintenance of the chassis parts easier.
table and sound battery performance :
with unified environment, battery box temperatures and unique thermal management system of the battery compartment, the batteries can work at the best temperature and deliver more stable performance and longer service life.
battery pack: lithium iron phosphate batteries / contemporary amperex technology co., limited (catl).
battery capacity:138.24 kwh(576v 240ah)
driving range under test condition (uniform velocity method) ≥250km

high anti-collision and waterproof performance:
the bottom surface of the battery is about 1600mm above the ground, and the anti-collision frame beam is installed near the rear wall side, which can greatly prevent the damage to the battery from the rear collision. the electric steering system, batteries, motor and various controllers are all highly dust and water-proof. the excellent dust and water-proof performance ensures the bus a strong wading ability and high safety under extreme conditions.
control compartment: 6109ev5 coach has a spacious rear electrical control compartment.
driving system: the option of water-cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor amt gearbox is adopted, which not only gives the coach strong climbing capacity with low speed but also makes the high-speed running possible, making the coach more adaptable.
interior space: long wheelbase and short front & rear overhang structure of the dd6109ev5 coach give the coach a larger interior space, stronger loading capacity and better riding experience.
interior space: long wheelbase and short front & rear overhang structure of the dd6109ev5 coach give the coach a larger interior space, stronger loading capacity and better riding experience.
dimension(mm) 10490×2482×3100/3250
wheelbase(mm) 6100
approach/departure angle(°) 8/11
rated seats 102/96
max. speed (km/h) 69
battery capacity 138.24kwh (576v 240ah)
drive motor model jing-jin tz460xse02
suspension system air suspension system
g.v.w.(kg) 17000
curb weight (kg) 10350/10700
tire 275/70r22. 5
normal rated power(kw/r/min) 135
bulletin seats 18-32
optional equipment optional configuration: ac, electric defroster, interior electronic service devices, etc.
wheel track(mm) 2085/1860
energy storage system lithium iron phosphate (lifepo) battery / catl
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